Faculty Student Research

2020-21 Faculty Student Research Projects

Call for Proposals

Richard Burdekin
Stock Market Performance: Covid-19 and Macroeconomic Stimulus Effects 

David Bjerk
Understanding Crime and Recidivism Using data from the National Corrections Reporting Program

Matt Delventhal
The impact of trade on economic development using data on Spain’s imports and exports from the 1849 until the present

Mary Evans
Enforcement discretion during COVID-19

Laura Grant
Bunching in Residential Electricity Consumption

William Lincoln
How do financial markets value research and development done by a firm?

Shanna Rose
Stepping into the Void: Federalism and the Minimum Wage

Jessamyn Schaller
Exploring the Determinants of Disparities in Early Human Capital Accumulation

Cameron Shelton
Where Does Opportunity Knock? Executives and Distributive Politics

Angela Vossmeyer
Survival of Acquirers

Chelsea Zi Wang
Dilemmas of Empire: Governance and Spatial Friction in Ming China

2019-20 Faculty Student Research Projects

Bill Lincoln
How does political activity by publicly traded  firms affect their value in financial markets?

Andrew Sinclair
Analyzing actions of U.S. Congress and public opinion on legislative oversight of agencies

Janet Kiholm Smith
Measuring Venture Capital Fund Performance

Angela Vossmeyer
Specification of Bank Networks and Mergers