Claremont McKenna Fed Challenge Team

2023 Claremont McKenna Federal Reserve Challenge Team

The Lowe Institute of Political Economy is looking to recruit two students (one rising sophomore and one rising junior) to be part of the Claremont McKenna College Federal Reserve Challenge team, which will participate in the prestigious national competition held by the Federal Reserve. 

The Federal Reserve Challenge team will research current economic trends and financial conditions, and ultimately provide a recommendation on monetary policy. The team will summarize findings into a presentation modeled after the workings of the Federal Open Market Committee. 

The Fed Challenge will expose students to advanced macro-economic theory, illuminate the functions of the Federal Reserve, and provide insights into macroeconomic conditions of the United States. Students will benefit from improving their analytic and speaking skills, through analyzing and presenting findings, and by working with peers and economic advisors. 

For more information about the Fed Challenge competition, visit this link to the 2022 CMC team video presentation. Last year, the Claremont McKenna placed second in the West Coast region, after UCLA. 

Submit your application through Handshake: #7463267

Important Dates:

Deadline for applications: March 1, 2023

Initial interviews with select applicants:  March 2023.

Team meetings: Spring and Fall 2023

Fed Challenge Competition: early October 2023 to late November 2023


Per Fed Challenge rules, students on the Claremont McKenna College Fed Challenge team must be enrolled as a student at Claremont McKenna College.

Duration: The team will meet once or twice in spring 2023 to share information about the Challenge and set up schedule for preliminary work. The hourly commitment to team meetings and the Challenge will be five to 10 hours per week once fall 2023 semester begins.
Virtual Competition starts in early October 2023 and completes in November 2023.

Useful Skills: Proficiency in Excel, Tableau (helpful), forecasting, research and analysis, verbal communication skills.

Pre-Requisite Classes: Completion of Econ 50 for all. Rising junior and senior candidates should be currently enrolled in or have completed intermediate macro and/or advanced macro. Money and Banking studies are valued.

Other: There is no compensation per the Challenge rules.