Inland Empire Forecast

Professor of Economics, Manfred Keil, leads the Inland Empire economic forecast research team at the Lowe Institute providing data-driven analysis to business and government leaders in the region.

2022 Reports

08.03.2022 National recession vs. Inland Empire recession, where do we stand? by Manfred Keil, Robert A. Kleinhenz and Muxi Li

05.28.2022 Forecasting Economic Activity for the Nation and State by Manfred Keil

05.20.2022 Good Things Hardly Come Twice – How About Bad Things? by Manfred Keil and Yao Li

05.20.2022 Inland Empire Economic Partnership: April 2022 Employment Report by Manfred Keil

05.15.2022 Southern California News Group: Job Gains Continue in IE and the Nation by Manfred W. Keil and Robert A. Kleinhenz

03.25.2022 The State of the Region: The Inland Empire 2022 by Manfred Keil, Robert Kleinhenz, Fernando Lozano, Johannes Moenius, Barbara Sirotnik

02.04.2022 Inland Empire’s Recovery in 2021 and Outlook for 2022 by Manfred W. Keil and Robert A. Kleinhenz

01.21.2022 Inland Empire Economic Partnership: December 2021 Employment Report by Manfred Keil

2021 Reports

12.17.2021 21 Things to be Thankful for in 2021 by Sarah Chen and Manfred Keil

12.17.2021 Inland Empire Economic Partnership: November Employment Report by Manfred Keil

11.19.2021 Inland Empire Economic Partnership: October Employment Report by Manfred Keil

10.22.2021 Inland Empire Economic Partnership: The September Economic Report by Manfred Keil

9.17.21 Op-Ed, Inland Empire Economic Partnership: Americans’ Inflation Fears Reach a Fever Pitch as Consumer Prices Rise

9.9.21 The San Bernardino Sun: The Inland Empire strikes back with its economic recovery

5.7.21 Latest U.S. Data Means Good News for the Inland Empire Economy

04.21.2021 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin by Manfred W. Keil and Robert A. Kleinhenz:  The economy’s going to be hot this summer

2021 Real Estate Market Forecast 3.24.2021 (Facebook Video)

3/17/21 – Dr. Manfred Keil Discusses the Economy One Year After the Start of the Pandemic

2020 Reports

2020 Real Estate Market Forecast Amid COVID-19 3.18.20 (Facebook video)

Inland Empire Together: Responding to the Coronavirus Webinar by IEEP at Loma Linda University 3.13.20 (Vimeo video)