Working Papers 2008-2010

2010.01 – Heather Antecol – Do Non-Cognitive Skills Help Explain the Occupational Segregation of Young People?

2010.01 – Manfred Keil and J.S.V. Symons – The Housing Market and the U.S. Business Cycle

2009.04 – Heather Antecol and Janet Kiholm Smith – The Early Decision Option in College Admission and its Impact on Student Diversity

2009.03 – Yaron Raviv and Nathan Barrymore ’09 – The Effect of Different Reserve Prices on Auction Outcomes

2009.02 – Heather Antecol and Michael Steinberger – Female Labor Supply Differences by Sexual Orientation: A Semi-Parametric Decomposition Approach

2009.01 – Manfred Keil and James Symons – The 2009 Recession in the U.S.

2008.08 – Marc D. Weidenmier, Joseph H. Davis, Roger Aliaga-Diaz
Is Sugar Sweeter at the Pump? The Macroeconomic Impact of Brazil’s Alternative Energy Program

2008.07 – Eric Hughson, Marc D. Weidenmier and Asaf Bernstein
Can a Lender-of-Last-Resort Stabilize Financial Markets? Lessons from the Founding of the Fed

2008.06 – Richard C. K. Burdekin and Luke Redfern
Stock Market Sentiment and the Draining of China’s Savings Deposits

2008.05- Eric Helland and Alexander Tabarrok
Product Liability and Moral Hazard: Evidence from General Aviation

2008.04 – Richard C. K. Burdekin and Luke Redfern
Sentiment Effects on Chinese Share Prices and Savings Deposits: The 2003-2007 Experience

2008.03 – Brock Blomberg, Gregory Hess and J. Hunter Jackson
Terrorism and the Returns to Oil

2008.02 – S. Brock Blomberg and Rozlyn C. Engel, U.S. Military Academy
Lines in the Sand: Border Effects, Economic Integration and Disintegration of Post-War Iraq

2008.01- S. Brock Blomberg, Gregory D. Hess & CESifo, Yaron Raviv
Where Have All the Heroes Gone? A Self-Interested, Economic Theory of Heroism