Faculty Student Research Call for Proposals

Lowe Faculty Student Research Program Academic Year 2022-23
Submission Date:  April 21, 2023

The Lowe Institute of Political Economy invites faculty to apply to the Lowe Faculty-Student Research Program. We welcome proposals from all areas of economics as well as from adjacent fields such as finance, government, psychology, or history whose work may be of relevance to the study of the economy and economic behavior. The twin goals of the program are to involve students in research and to publish papers in top field journals in economics or their equivalent in associated fields. Faculty participating in the Program will receive a $9,000 stipend for a completed project and will be awarded summer research assistant support.  (Lowe summer research assistants are paid an hourly wage of $19, expected to work full-time in the Lowe lab for a period between 4-10 weeks, and are reimbursed for summer housing at the CMC summer campus housing rate.)

To apply for a Lowe Faculty-Student Research Program, please write a one-to-two-page proposal outlining your research project. The proposal should include a description of how students will be involved in the project.  This year, we have partitioned the Summer 2023 Call from the upcoming AY 2023-24 Call.  At this time, we are seeking proposals in need of 2023 summer RA support only. The 2023-24 Call for Proposals in need of fall/spring RA support will be announced separately in early August. 

The Lowe Institute supports both decentralized and centralized matching of students and faculty. Ideally, faculty will have already found students suited to and interested in working on the project. This tends to assure the best match. The Lowe Institute then simply approves and funds the project. In this case, please include the names of students that might be interested in working on the project. For faculty who have not identified student RAs, the Lowe Institute will solicit interest from students and match them with appropriate faculty projects. 

Proposals will be evaluated on (i) the feasibility of the idea, to be demonstrated with some modest level of detail on the approach, (ii) its relevance to politics, economics, or closely related fields, and (iii) the involvement of students in the research process. To ensure full consideration of your application, please submit your proposal to the Lowe Institute by April 21, 2023. 

Faculty will receive the first half of their stipend in May 2023. Faculty will receive the second half of their stipend once a completed draft is submitted to the Lowe Working Paper Series.  Papers should be completed by June 1, 2024.