Macro Program

5th Annual
October 29, 2021
Claremont McKenna College
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8:00 – 8:40 REGISTRATION AND BREAKFAST (Pickford Auditorium Breezeway, Bauer South)

8:40 – 8:50 Welcome and opening remarks (Pickford Auditorium, Bauer Center)

8:50 – 9:40 The IT Boom and Other Unintended Consequences of Chasing the American Dream
Gaurav Khanna,
UC San Diego
Nicolas Morales, FRB Richmond
Discussant: Grace Gu, UC Santa Cruz
(Pickford Auditorium, Bauer Center)

9:40 – 10:00 BREAK

10:00 – 10:50 Determinacy without the Taylor Principle
George-Marios Angeletos, MIT
Chen Lian, UC Berkeley
Discussant: Andy Atkeson, UCLA
(Pickford Auditorium, Bauer Center)

10:50 – 11:10 BREAK

11:10 – 12:00 Macroeconomic Expectations and Credit Card Spending
Misha Galashin, UCLA
Martin Kanz, World Bank
Ricardo Perez-Truglia, UC Berkeley
Discussant: Michael Gelman, CMC
(Pickford Auditorium, Bauer Center)

12:00 – 12:05 Walk to lunch at the Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum

12:05 – 13:45 LUNCH AND KEYNOTE: Recipes and Economic Growth: A Combinatorial March Down an Exponential Tail
Charles I. Jones, Stanford University

14:05 – 14:55 Supply, Demand, and Specialized Production
James D. Hamilton
, UC San Diego
Discussant: Saki Bigio, UCLA
(Freeberg Forum, Kravis Center)

14:55 – 15:15 BREAK

15:15 – 16:05 The Aggregate Effects of Acquisitions on Innovation and Economic Growth
Christian Fons-Rosen, UC-Merced
Pau Roldan-Blanco, Bank of Spain
Tom Schmitz, Bocconi University
Discussant: Huiyu Li, FRB San Francisco
(Freeberg Forum, Kravis Center)

16:05 – 16:25 BREAK

16:25 – 17:15 Risk-Taking, Capital Allocation and Optimal Monetary Policy
Joel M. David, FRB Chicago
David Zeke, USC
Discussant: Nicolas Caramp, UC Davis
(Freeberg Forum, Kravis Center)


Note: Morning sessions held in Pickford Auditorium in Bauer Center at CMC, afternoon sessions held in Freeberg Forum in Kravis Center at CMC

Charles I. (Chad) Jones

Charles I. (Chad) Jones is STANCO 25 Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

He is a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy, a research associate at the NBER, a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, a member of the panel of advisers for the Brookings Productivity Measure Initiative, and a co-editor of Econometrica. He is the author of many research articles as well as two textbooks, Introduction to Economic Growth (2013) and Macroeconomics (2014).

His research explores the determinants of long-run economic growth, the reasons living standard vary markedly across different countries, and the factors behind top income inequality. Some of his most recent work examines the impact of artificial intelligence and the use of nonrival personal data for economic growth and welfare.

Chad received his undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard University and his PhD in economics from MIT.

CMC 2021 Organizing Committee: 

Andy Atkeson, UCLA
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, UC Berkeley
Galina Hale, UC Santa Cruz
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeu, FRB San Francisco
Johannes Wieland, UC San Diego
Ricardo Fernholz, CMC