Research Assistants

The Lowe Institute of Political Economy is seeking research assistants (RAs) with an interest in applied economic analysis. RAs will be assigned to one of three programs based on student interest and the needs of the Institute.

[1] Some RAs will work individually as research assistants on a professor’s academic paper. This typically involves data collection and organization plus some analysis. As these are cutting edge projects to be published in academic journals, this is the best apprenticeship to learn how academic research is performed. Along the way students gain knowledge of data management useful in a variety of industries and, if they demonstrate reliability and initiative, earn a strong letter of recommendation.

[2] Some RAs will work in early stage research groups exploring a broad theme identified by a professor. This typically involves reviewing literature, identifying questions, preliminary data analysis, and presentation of results. This is a good

[3] Some RAs will work in the forecasting group led by Professor Keil. This group prepares reports on the local economy of the Inland Empire. These reports are both printed and presented in annual conferences. The reports include forecasts of the national, state, and local economy and associated

In all cases, the institute seeks committed individuals with a genuine interest in using data to answer questions of relevance to academia, business, and policy rather than those seeking a line on a resume. Good candidates will be able to execute open-ended directions and will display initiative in solving problems while asking for help when needed. Successful completion of Econ 50 is required. Further courses in economics and government are encouraged, especially statistical analysis (Econ 120, Econ 125, Gov 55).

Allowed School Years: Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Allowed Majors: All

Work Authorization requirements: US work authorization required

Pay: $11.00 – $13.00/hour

Duration: temporary/seasonal

Hours: 5-10 hours/week during the academic year; up to 40 hours/week during summer.

Applicants should complete and submit through the portal below one PDF file with the follow items: 1) the application below; 2) cover letter explaining why you wish to be a Lowe RA, what you hope to get out of it, and what you bring, with an eye to helping us find the proper group for you; 3) resume; 4) a one-page, analytical, writing sample; 5) unofficial transcript.

Fall applications due: Tuesday, September 11th, 2018
Applicants who pass a first round will be invited for a short interview on Friday, September 14th.

Lowe Institute RA Application (pdf)