Faculty and Staff

Marc Weidenmier – Director of the Lowe Institute of Political Economy, is the Robert J. Lowe Professor of Economics and the Director of the Lowe Institute of Political Economy at Claremont McKenna College. Professor Weidenmier is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a past member of the editorial Board of the Journal of Economic History. He has published papers in several leading economic journals including the American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and the Journal of Financial Economics. Professor Weidenmier is currently constructing a consistent monthly industrial production index for the United States from 1830-2012 to more accurately measure and analyze the depth and duration of American business cycles. He has been a member of the nominating committee for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Kelly Spetnagel – Program Coordinator
Kelly has worked at the Lowe Institute since 2008.